Why We Won’t Tattoo Hands or Fingers

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Or necks, or faces. In the tattoo industry they’re nicknamed “job-stoppers” and not for no reason. Although tattoos and piercings have exploded in popularity and crept from their once subversive existance, a lot of employers are still very restrictive when it comes to dress code.


But that Rihanna finger tattoo is SOOO CUTE we hear you cry…


Yes we know. Being experts we also know from looking at that tattoo that it has to be re-done constantly. You can see the tell-tale blurring in more recent photographs. Finger tattoos DO NOT heal well or last well. You’d be better off getting an arty friend to scribble on you with a Sharpie.


Bad Finger Tattoo Rihanna


So we’ve established  BAD HEALING, FADING & CONSTANT RE-TOUCHES as a BAD thing right? Good lets continue…


Hand Tattoos


Unless you’re a tattoo artist, millionaire or insanely rich individual we will not tattoo your hands. We will not assist people in making themselves un-hireable. We really really don’t care how cool that celebrity is who has one. That celebrity is probably very rich. They can have a hand or finger tattoo.


Neck Tattoos


Calm down Professor Green. The same policy as hand tattoos applies here. If you are not filthy fucking rich or a tattoo artist/HEAVILY tattooed individual then you are not getting a neck tattoo. Even an ickle cute one. Just no.


Face Tattoos


You absolute maniac. How are you even this far? If you read anything up to this point I’m sure you can figure out the answer here for yourself. In case you’re having a slow day: NOPE.

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