Our Policy on Under 18s

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poc6h2c38c1i955As one of Bray’s most reputable studios we take our policies on Under 18s very seriously. While there is no legislation around the minimum age for tattoos and piercings, a lot of studios use their own ethics and experience to determine from what age they will carry out body art or piercings.


We will not under any circumstances tattoo persons under the age of 18. We don’t care if their parents give permission.


However, we will – at our own discretion – provide piercings to persons under 18 years of age and older than 16 years of age but their parents must be present. You will be sent on your way if:


  • You turn up with your cool aunt/uncle/big sister/big brother/friend who looks older. We will only accept permission from your parents.
  • You try to use a really shitty fake ID or the ID of your big brother/sister.
  • You argue the toss and declare the unfairness of it all.

Will we pierce children?

Only their ear lobes and only if they are over the age of 7 and they themselves are comfortable and happy to go ahead with the piercing.

Why won’t we tattoo under 18s?

It is great experience (both professional and personal) that has taught tattoo artists the world over that teens rarely know themselves at that age. They are on the cusp of establishing themselves as adults and can go through a myriad of different styles, tastes and trends. To allow them to indulge in getting a tattoo would be irresponsible and unethical. I once met a Dad who was happy as Larry to allow his 16 year old son to get a massive, black dagger tattooed on his neck. Thankfully the tattooist refused and sent them on their way. So please don’t bring your parents with you they will not change our minds.






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