Laser Tattoo Removal



Laser Tattoo Removal is the gradual process of fracturing and shattering a tattoo’s ink pigments that lie underneath the epidermis (outer layer of skin). It may take more than 1 or 2 sessions to completely remove a tattoo and while the laser process itself does not scar the skin, the original tattoo may have caused scarring and lasers will not repair this.



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Will it work on every tattoo?

We cannot flatly promise it will work for everyone though we have found it effective with most. It will not work on certain colours and pigments such as blue, green, orange and purple. It will fade black, red, brown and grey. You should call into us or send us an image so we can see the tattoo and we can then best advise you as to how effective the laser removal will be.

Does it hurt?

Yes. Laser removal can be very painful. However it takes a shorter amount of time than would have been needed to do the tattoo. For example, a small and relatively simple tattoo on your wrist might take 10 to 15 minutes to complete one laser session. The sensation to some has been described as a hot tapping feeling. Obviously the ability to tolerate pain varies a lot from person to person, but if you can handle being tattooed you can handle being lasered!

How long does it take to completely remove a tattoo?

This entirely depends on the tattoo, how dark it is, the detail in it and the pigments (colours) used. Generally most tattoos require up to 8 session to be completely removed. There needs to be a period of 3 months between each laser session so it is a lengthly process and will require some patience! However we have found that people will generally get the tattoo faded to the point where it can be easily covered up with a new tattoo.

Can I just tattoo over my old tattoo?

This is not always as effective as TV shows like Tattoo Fixers make it appear to be. Firstly, almost all unwanted tattoos we see need at least 1 session of laser before a new tattoo cover would be effective. This is because tattoo inks are translucent and eventually despite your artist’s best efforts, the old tattoo might show through after a couple of months. You will need to show us your tattoo before we can give you a good estimate of whether or not it can be covered without any laser sessions.


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