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Welcome to Nine Lives Tattoo & Piercing Studio. We are one of Bray’s oldest established Studios and experts in all styles of tattoo, laser tattoo removal and body piercing. Owned and managed by Bray based tattooist Anna O’Donnell we pride ourselves on quality, hygiene, safety and responsible tattooing and piercing. We hope you enjoy our website where you can find all our pricing, offers, purchase accessories through our online store and get the latest and best advice from our blog.







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About Us


Anna O’Donnell – Tattooist & Piercer


Anna has been tattooing and piercing for 17 years. Having studied Fine Art she found her passion in tattooing after visiting a studio that did custom tattoos. Anna practices in many styles of tattooing including Realism (Portrait tattoos), Japanese, Neo Traditional and Tribal/Polynesian. On the rare occasions when she has spare time from tattooing she enjoys Photography, Airbrushing and designing jewellery.

Peter Keenan – Piercer


Peter has been piercing for 3 years and is a highly competent piercer. Having received his training from Anna, he is dedicated to ensuring that every customer has a safe, friendly experience while they are being pierced. Peter also enjoys creating pixel art animations you can follow his work on Twitter @shoehead_art. Peter is here every Tuesday and Saturday and every other day after 1pm.

Louise Walshe – Tattoo Apprentice


Louise has just over 1 years experience as a tattoo apprentice and is coming from a career in graphic design and web design. She is passionate about realism and portraits and hopes to eventually specialise in realism tattoos. She enjoys drawing as often as possible and has an amateur interest in photography.


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